Green Transport and Public Transport

We see a great importance in planning that promotes the use of alternative modes of transport, such public transport, pedestrian traffic, bicycle paths and accessibility for people with disabilities. We are proud of our active involvement in planning green and alternative transport.

Bicycle Paths Master Plan – Rehovot

The plan’s objective is creating an infrastructure for a comprehensive and efficient bicycle paths distribution in Rehovot, while maintaining the interface with other modes of transport. As part of drafting the plan we performed an in-depth analysis of the current status as to understand the city’s future plans, and to better adjust the plan during its execution.

The plan includes a few phases:

  • identifying main points of interest;
  • identifying main traffic lines between points of interest;
  • defining potential traffic calming areas;
  • creating road sections;
  • creating and grading cycleway network alternatives;
  • execution phases.

When drafting the plan we used advanced analysis tools: Tel Aviv traffic forecasting model based on Emme software – population and employment data; network analysis tools, spatial mapping and analysis – ArcGis Pro.

Bicycle Paths Master Plan – Ashdod

The plan was completed in 2015. As part of building the master plan AMAV suggested adding more bicycle paths to expand the network and responding to missing bicycle connections based on the existing system. The future cycleway network includes approximately 165 km. A substantial objective when drafting the plan was creating an interface for bicycle traffic with the public transport system suggested as part of the green wave plan.

After touring the area and examining the necessary actions needed to implement the bicycle paths, execution phases were set, creating a basis for detailed plans.

Yehuda HaLevi Terminus, Rosh HaAyin

AMAV is planning a park-and-ride parking lot, located at the new interchange on route 444, aimed at improving the priority public transport system interface and the route service system in the public transport planned in Rosh HaAyin.

The parking lot includes 300 parking spaces for private vehicles, passenger boarding/alighting bays, and operating parking for service routes. The project planning was done for Rosh HaAyin municipality, who is currently advancing it for authorization and execution.

The project planning includes upgrading the priority lanes along Ben Gurion Avenue and Yehuda HaLevi street, and an additional connection to the old neighborhoods.

Neve Sha'anan Metronit, Haifa

AMAV planned a public transport priority line (left bus lane) along 16 km, which goes through the heart of Neve Sha’anan neighborhood in Haifa, with 27 planned stops. A priority line is planned continuously along the whole route and includes priority at all junctions.

The project objectives:

  • creating a public transport priority in Neve Sha’anan;
  • a substantial improvement of trip time;
  • high frequency at most hours of the day;
  • connection to the city Metronit network (lines 1, 2, 3);
  • connecting the Technion to the port campus and lower city (Ir Tachtit).

The project also includes planning different accessibility measures, such as escalators, elevators, parking lots and spaces and bicycle paths. The plan includes preliminary, final, detailed and for-execution planning, and temporary traffic arrangements for the first phase of execution. The planning was done for Yefe Nof Ltd. and began in 2017.

The Purple Line, Tel Aviv Light Rail

AMAV is working for NETA to promote the building of the Tel Aviv Metropolis light rail purple line, under National Infrastructure Plan (TATAL) 70a. The purple line is planned to connect the Tel Aviv metropolis eastern areas Tel Aviv city center, through the ground level. The total line length is expected to be about 29 km.

The central section is about 7 km long and includes 10 stops in 4 municipalities: Givatayim (HaShalom Road, Aluf Sade); Ramat Gan (Aluf Sade, Sheba Road, a new road east and south of Tel HaShomer, Rafael Eitan st., and Max & Anna Webb st.); Kiryat Ono (Aharon Katzir ave.); and Giv’at Shmuel (between Keren HaYesod st. and Bar Ilan rd.).

The project is divided into 6 bids: 2 DB bids and 4 amount bids. It included preliminary, detailed and for-execution planning; temporary traffic arrangements; signposting plan; traffic signals planning for execution and final phases.