Master and Outline Plans

AMAV was and is a traffic consultant on numerous master- and outline plans for local municipalities, government offices and more. We work in interdisciplinary teams while maintaining a planning vision that takes into consideration all transport challenges and areas.

Givatayim Outline Plan

AMAV are the traffic consultants in a project led by Naama Malis Architects. The outline plan for Giv’atayim deals with urban renewal in the city, which is the second densest in Israel. The plan outlines principles for the development of bike lanes and priority public transport system, in a way that supports reducing private transport and defines a street section…

Rosh HaAyin Outline Plan

Rosh HaAyin is in the middle of rapid development processes which create substantial traffic challenges.

Since 2014 AMAV has been giving continuous consulting to the municipality regarding all transport aspects.

In 2015 the city’s transport outline plan was completed. The plan charts a path of developing the transport infrastructure in Rosh HaAyin, while centering around advanced public transport solutions and non-motorized modes of transportation.

Modi'in-Maccabim-Re'ut Outline Plan

AMAV is the traffic and transport planner on the city’s outline plan, for the municipality. The plan is managed by Naama Malis Architects and AMAV are the transport consultants and in charge of drafting the traffic addendum.

The traffic addendum emphasizes connectivity between different part of the city by defining a road hierarchy; suggesting road sections; and upgrading the city’s public transport system, including paving a cycleway network between residential, commerce and education zones.

Ashdod Outline Plan

AMAV are the traffic consultants on the project, led by Millul-Koren Architects. The plan outlines a development target of about 350,000 residents in the Ashdod, that serves as an employment center in the metropolis’s south. The plan suggests a new definition to the city’s street hierarchy, the addition of new entrances to the city that will serve the future development, and an expansion of the national and metropolitan mass transit system to serve the city’s residents and those working there. Moreover, the plan emphasizes the development of a cycleway network and public transport priority lanes in a way that supports decreasing private transport use.

TAMA 42 – National Outline Plan for Land Transport

The TAMA exists as part of the Planning and Construction Law. Its main objective is setting land zones and the conditions for their planning. A crucial part of transport development today and in the future involves improving policies, operations, and investments.

The plan sets a national integrative, efficient and sustainable transport system, that encourages economic development and efficient land use and promotes closing social gaps, all while respecting the landscape and environment.

In order to plan the TAMA we prepared a trip-demand forecast model (based on the Ministry of Transport national model).