Traffic and Parking Planning

We act as transportation advisors on complex projects that include roads and streets, intersections, tunnels, inter-city roads, business, commercial and industrial zones, mechanical parking systems, integrated transportation centers, and cargo areas in airports. In addition, the company specializes in planning detailed traffic arrangements, including paths, routes and bicycle lanes, transportation and parking planning for parks, and unique projects which require creative thinking and planning comprehension.

The Jerusalem Gateway (Rova Mevo HaIr)

Development of the area as a lively and public transportation oriented business district, that includes intensive mixed-use building of around 780,000 sqm, close to the main public transport hubs planned for the city.

The planning includes, among others, a grade separation on Shazar Avenue, wide sidewalks with tree boulevards and quality passage points between different means of public transport, in an effort to improve the public sphere and public transportation accessibility at one of the most important locations in Jerusalem.

Highway 60

AMAV is planning the expansion of Highway 60 (Tunnel Highway) for the Moriah Corporation, in the segment between Rosmarin Interchange in Gilo neighborhood and Husan junction, and 375 Road towards Zur Hadash and Beit Shemesh.

The highway planning includes adding two 900 meters long tunnels, and approx.. 300 m of bridge over Gilo stream, and expanding a barrier for traffic coming to Jerusalem from the south.

The highway includes adding a three-lane tunnel and includes a changing lane for public transport, that will allow for public transport preference towards Jerusalem in the morning, and Southward preference in the afternoon, towards Gush Etzion, Zur Hadash, Mevo Beitar and Beit Shemesh.

Complex C, Rosh HaAyin

AMAV is planning Complex C in Rosh HaAyin, which includes 1576 residential units, 102,200 sqm of commerce, 27,000 sqm public institutions.

The project is statutorily approved and is being executed now.

In addition, as part of the project there is a planned public transport route on the main avenue at the heart of the new neighborhood, that will connect the new complex to the urban street system and the city center.

The work was commissioned by Rosh HaAyin municipality with the Ministry of Construction and Housing.

Bein Arim Tower, Tel Aviv

The program for Bein Arim Tower, led by Miloslavsky Architects, suggested the development of about 121,500 sqm, expected to occupy offices, tourism, and commerce. The tower, located at the Bursa (Israel Diamond Exchange) area, on the border of Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan and Givatayim, is expected to be 100 stories tall.

AMAV acted as the project’s transport advisor, and offered solutions to complex transportation issues, stemming from the development’s scope and its location at the heart of an intensive development area. Great attention was given to pedestrian accessibility from the mass transit systems planned for the complex. The proximity to the light and heavy rail allowed for a low parking standard planning, that will assist to decrease the use of private vehicles.

Expansion of Hura in the Negev

AMAV is planning new neighborhoods in Hura for the authority for development and settlement of the Bedouin in the Negev. The program suggests the building of two residential neighborhoods at the south-eastern side of Hura, next to the intersection of Highways 31 and 316. The project is led by Gordon Architects and suggests the development of 1306 residential units.

16 road

Amav planned the road from the stage of a national infrastructure plan to detailed planning for execution

The planning was done for Netivei Israel,  in favor of the PFI tender.

Our offices accompanied the execution from the phase of selecting the concessionaire – Shapir Engineering Company, until the opening of the road to traffic, on August 31, 2022


Credit for photo’s: Shapir company