Urban Renewal

We perform traffic and physical planning as part of urban renewal plans in different cities, including: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Yavne, Ashdod and Be’er Sheva.

National Outline Plan (TAMA) 38, 11 Ben Maimon Avenue, Jerusalem

AMAV is planning a new residential building on Ben Maimon Ave in Jerusalem, for Spector-Amisar Architects. The project includes planning a limited parking lot for private vehicles, accessed by a vehicular elevator in place of a conventional ramp. The use of an elevator is meant to maintain the development character within the lot bounds.

Urban Renewal, Arie Kelner st., Jerusalem

AMAV is drafting a traffic and physical plan as part of an urban renewal plan on Arie Kelner street in Kiryat HaYovel neighborhood in Jerusalem, promoted by Pele Nadlan and Mimushim.

The project includes the evacuation of around 120 residential units and the construction of 485 new units. It is being advanced as part of the Urban Building Plan (TABA) under the district committee and has passed the objections phase.

Urban Renewal, Rager Boulevard, Be’er Sheva

AMAV is advancing an urban renewal project at the intersection of Rager Blvd. and Shlomo HaMelech st. in Be’er Sheva, for Africa Israel. The project includes 700 new residential units, and about 30,000 sqm of offices and commerce.

Urban Renewal, Du’ani st., Yavne

AMAV is planning an evacuation-construction (Pinuy-Binuy) project on Du’ani st. in Yavne for Bonei Hatichon.

This project includes about 480 residential units in addition to about 1,500 sqm of commerce and offices. Also included in the plan: arrangement of Du’ani st.; arrangement of Buchris st., including a road breaking and adding a connection to HaAtsma’ut Ave with a signalized intersection.

The project is divided into two sub-complexes, each one is planned to have an underground parking lot.