Physical Planning and Drainage

The office is involved in planning new residential neighborhoods, paving new roads and streets, and upgrading existing streets. The physical planning includes setting heights along the road, geometric design, longitude and latitude sections, planning surface runoff drainage, planning earthworks, paving and executing details and of course oversight during the job until it is done and delivered to the client.

Zion Square, Jerusalem

Executing renewal projects in Zion Square in Jerusalem, with the aim of transforming the area to a pleasant sitting and resting area. Making the square into an attraction that allows for assemblies, demonstrations, and concerts.

After an architectural firm won the contest to design the square, AMAV was asked to assist the Jerusalem Municipality and the city architect in executing the architectural plan. The project included dealing with physical issues, drainage, and traffic arrangements in an active and lively fabric. The project was commissioned by Eden – Jerusalem Economic Development Company and was completed in 2019.

Khan Sha’ar HaGai

AMAV is planning the Palmach Heritage Center at Sha’ar HaGai, for the Israel Nature and Parks Authority.

Our work included planning drainage, paving and traffic arrangements for the access road and parking area in the project. The project began in 2017 and concluded in 2019.

Development of the public space at Mount Hotzvim

AMAV is planning the paving and drainage works for East Jerusalem Development Ltd. in the development of the public area in Mount Hotzvim. Phase A is starting soon, and we are advancing the planning of phase B.

Sha'ar Binyamin Junction

AMAV is planning new traffic arrangements for expanding the access intersection to Sha’ar Binyamin industrial zone, from Highway 60, and erecting a new traffic light.

Our office is the project’s leading planner, including physical planning and drainage and coordinating the planning with other advisors. The project was commissioned by the Mateh Binyamin Development Company, and is advanced for execution in coordination with Routes of Israel Company (Netivei Israel). The planning phase started in 2018 and concluded in 2020.

Ein Hemed Interchange

The Ein Hemed Interchange project was commissioned by Arim company in 2015. The project’s goal: arranging accessibility to Highway 1 from Mevaseret Zion, in order to enable residential and employment development south of the council, and taking “passing traffic” out of Hotzvim Avenue.

After examining many alternatives, the most ecologically and environmentally suited alternative was chosen, in order to preserve the streams and the National Park in the area. The alternative includes a single bridge, 200 meters long, and another bridge, 250 meters long.